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who are we


We believe that a great design is not only how it looks, but how it serves the content and how the consumer will respond when they see it.


about us

Our inspiration are music, art and of course the beautiful nature. The the most important belief in our book is "quality is more important than the design itself". Attention to details is one of our major concerns, because we like to offer a timeless design deep in every detail

“Design is not only colors, lines and text. It's how you make an artboard look beautiful for the eye, and easy for the mind to understand, while achieving what the consumer needs. this is the creative design.”

Mohamed Magdy, Creative Designer

Our Vision

Any Successful project must be based on 3 simple guidelines to insure that the project works as expected, has a timeless design and easy for all users to reach it.

  1. Functional

  2. Modern

  3. Accessible

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What we do


Every line and every word could be a work of art if you have the eye and the talent for it, that's why we love to design everything and anything.


Our Services

Whether you want graphics for social media, advertising for an upcoming event or a website for your business. Our services are vast and reliable.

Brand Design

A brand is your consumer experience through your website, menu or your commercials. It's not only design elements that creates the brand, but it's how your consumer will react to these designs. We consider all the aspects of what makes your brand successful, and we integrate that into our design process.

Mobile Applications

Mobiles are replacing every thing we knew. It's fast, easy and accessible anytime and everywhere and it's exactly how we want your business to be. This will help your business reach many consumers and being accessible even on the small screen that we hold in our pockets.

Web Development

Websites are an easy and fast way for your business to reach everyone, everywhere and it represents the whole image and history of your business. We know exactly how important the website is and how to make it simple and easy for your consumer to access it even in their phones in fast and responsive way.

UI / UX Design

As long as there is people there will be user experience and there will be user interface designs as well. We know how much they relate to each other, and that the successful project must be based on deep research on what users want and it need to represent your project image in a way that your consumer will easily understand.

Advertising Design

Running a business is not easy if there is no one to push you in the right direction and help you to reach the consumers. whether you want a print designs or an ad in social media. We here know how much time is valuable and we know the right fundamentals that will help your business reach the consumers in a short time.

Logo Design

The logo is the cover of your whole business and it identifies that via the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature in its simplest form. We know what a logo means is more important than what it looks like, so it needs to be unique and special to insure a better image to the future of your business.

If you have a project idea not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us, we like to work on new ideas.


Awesome ideas

what we did


Great design means happy client, and happy client means good business for everyone, so that's why we only make the designs that looks great.


Selected Projects

Design is a simple word if you write it, beautiful artwork if you see it and a mind blowing process if you understand it. This is what we want you to feel when you see our designs.

The Kitchen World

Logo Design


Illustration, Logo Design

Drive Core

Logo Design

Marie Bishara

Website Design

Unlimited Cinema World

Website Design


Website Design and Development


Website Design

Smart Control

UI Design and Development

Clouds Of Fur

Photograph and Retouch

Summer Li

Image Retouch

Cat In Wonderland

Photograph and Retouch

Royal Cat

Photograph and Retouch

For more projects and new designs please follow us on Deviantart or Pinterest


It's Simple

why choose us


Creativity and originality is what we believe in, how we like to work and what we like our designs to be described. It's best for us and our client as well.


Our strengths

We design for the looks not for the money, designs are everywhere in all price ranges, but it needs experts to achieve a great design with good price.

Responsive support

From the small screen in your pocket to the big screen on your wall, our designs fits everywhere and looks good on any screen.

Users feedback

whether it's good or bad, we like to hear it all. It helps us create an even better designs based on what the user want.

Beautiful designs

Beautiful designs that attracts attention is a must, if you want the content to be seen, and your business to grow even more.

Awarded ideas

Motivation is the key of success for anyone whether it's a personal business or a company. Being awarded makes us offer our best.

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